Friday, June 24, 2011

Post #0081 - Take things for granted I have

Dear Earthlings, 
At times.. (err.. I think most of the time) I feel that I take things for granted. 
I have to admit that GadgetGeek pampers me a lot and not to brag, but we kinda always have the so-called first class treatment. We want the best service that we can afford. Anything under the par would be no-no. I mean, I take it too.. but not whole heartedly. 
When I constantly have fine things, I tend to not appreciate what I have, until my boss lectured me about what life is all about. Boo-hoo! 
Karma says, what goes up must comes down. 

Previously I told her that I want this.. this.. and this. Have high expectation and demanding what I really want in life.  Avoid some people that I don't favor. Me myself couldn't believe that me behaving in such a way. I swear to you, this is so not me! I was a sweet girl you know :P

I don't know when I started developing this sickness. I believe that I don't appreciate people around me that much. Even my grandmother's grave (who passed away few days after I gave birth to Youngster #2) I have yet to visit. I don't even know where her grave is. 
Let alone GadgekGeek's great-great grandmother and grandmother who passed away few months back. We have yet to visit their graves. 

I find graveyard is a sad place to be. I don't know. 
I was there when my grandfather died 18 years ago. But only visited his grave for the first time two years back, and didn't return ever since. After all, I believe that the Receiver can still get our prayers even we don't visit their grave. 

Immediate family, yes I value them. But when it comes to extended family.. I don't care that much. Exception to relatives that we really close. 

Which also the reason why Almighty grant GadgetGeek to me. Because most of the time, he will drag me to any family events. But this year, I think he is too tied up with his work. Leaving me freely not attending any family event (touch and go type of family) :P 

After a talk with my boss, I realised that it is not physical material that makes us happy. It's the quality time that we spend

On one side, if you don't have any kid yet, then your partner would be your pillar of strength. You have no one but him in this world (apart from your family).

But when the children come into our lives, we should appreciate our time to be with them. Time flies very fast. From newborn  comes the first birthday.. then she started walking.. talking and all you know, she goes to school, find new love and get married. Leaving us. (This is due to numerous complaint to my boss that family outing is one hassle thing)

It's something like the crucial first six years the child will depending on us. Entering the 7th year, she will busy with her school and friends. Then if she excels, she enters the boarding school on the 13th year, leaving us. Fast forward, she will not be with us as it continuously to uni life, and marriage comes into the picture. 

Technically, we have about six years only to really-really bond with our children. Then, they will spread their wings and fly. 

I have to thank her for pulling me back down to the root.
$$ has distracted me. 

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