Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post #0079 : Ol' skool. Please enlighten me

Dear Earthlings,
First of all, I have to agree that "jodoh di tangan tuhan" and what's written to us is a fate.
Speaking of marriage, many of us believe that women tend to be more materialistic than men due to security. Security need not comes from monetary only. It covers love security as well. That's why jealousy is women second bestfriend.

Anyways, that is not the point. The issue here is today's trend. Nowadays, i've seen so many men go after ladies with moolah : gold mine/jackpot.. U name it.

Rich woman + Rich man = is a different story
X $ lady  + Rich man = clever
X $ man + Rich lady = create rumours

I'm not saying that i don't believe in fate. But, it's not fair for the lady if the man sees what the lady can offer him first, instead of getting to know her.
The situation is something like this -
The man knows that lady is a daughter of so and so. Has this and that.
So the next move is to get close with her.
Let she fell in love with him. Got married so he will be on the A list.
This is when the love is questionable. To me, at least.

I personally believe that a man should work his arse out. Bring food to the table. After all, he is the head of family. Why take the lady as a stepping stone and rely to others?

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