Monday, June 6, 2011

Post #0075 - FFO

Dear Earthlings, 
Each time Youngster #1 throws her tantrum, it indicates that it's about time for us to have a family outing (outings to malls are not counted). FYI, this trip was about two weeks ago. 

As usual, it was unplanned. GadgetGeek proposed to go to Genting, but then since we were underdressed (left sweaters at home) the trip was diverted to Sunway Lagoon instead. 

Can't remember how much we paid for the entrance, but the Youngsters went in for free (they did the height measurement) and we had to take 3 parks altogether - Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park

We took turn on the rides, and for the Water Park GadgetGeek had to get new shorts in the nearby store.. due to err.. lack of preparation?

This picture was taken at the Wildlife Park. We unstrapped Youngster #1 from her stroller, and let she wonders around the park. 

For picture taking, there was no charge. But if you satisfied with the picture and wanted to have a copy of it, RM 35 is the price for each picture. 

The Water Park.
I remained seated at the bench with Youngster #2 while GadgetGeek and Youngster #1 went for splish splash at the kids pool. But before we left the Park, GadgetGeek took Youngster #2 for a quick dip at the pool :)

And it was one hot day!! **sweating like nobody's business**

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