Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post #0220 - Sorting and labelling

Dear Earthlings, 

Oh, it is so depressing when the Blue Company has decided that we have to execute the 5s thingy. Since our subsidiaries has carry out 5s long time ago,  so now it's our turn. 

I don't think I can implement 5s in my house. Too many junks (?) All these are sentimental to me.

On a different page, 
we are now in the midst of furnishing our new home. 
Yet to move, but has started to clean one room per week. Simply because we are doing this ourselves. No maid or helper to help us out.
Like last Sunday, I cleaned the kids room and bathroom, while GadgetGeek assembling the beds. 

Speaking for furnishing, I am on closet mode. 
Currently Youngster #1 is using this closet - 

And of course, sekarang sudah padat and tak muat. 

Inspired by these pictures,

I planned to have a bigger closet since both will be sharing the same room and closet. 
So the only closet that come into my mind is PAX, by IKEA.
Reason being, you can adjust the shelves, clothes bar/rail, mix and match sesedap rasa. 
Wanted the kids to be independent. Amik baju and simpan sendiri. 
Clothes rail tu boleh adjust kasi rendah so the kids can choose and pick their own attire. 

Not only that, they also can keep their school bags, hats, accesories etc in separate shelves. At least, takde la bag semua bersepah atas lantai or bergantunggan. 
Their bedsheets, blankets, towels semua boleh simpan in one place instead of keeping it in a different room.

In future, kot tak cukup tempat lagi, this closet can be extended. Very practical isn't it?

However, my idea sudah ditembak jatuh oleh GadgetGeek. 
Out of budget and too much untuk budak umur 5 dan 3, katanya. 

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