Friday, October 4, 2013

Post #0218 - What would I do without you

Dear Earthlings, 

During my highschool - uni, we (me and my siblings) would always ask our arwah nenek & mom to pray for us whenever we have to face our exam. My mom would normally perform a solat hajat on the exam day itself. Let say exam starts at 9 am, so she would pray sometime between 9 to 9:30 am. If exam tu untuk 5 hari, maka 5 hari lah akan buat solat hajat.
The candidate herself.. hmm.. subject to kerajinan.

There was a time where I had this one exam (I think it was Corp Financial Management. Yes, I hate this paper so much so I didn't complete the course) and my mom complained to me that she was soooo sleepy whilst praying the hajat. Further, she said that she had this bad feeling that I couldn't pass through the exam. 
It happened to be true, I failed the paper. 

So yesterday, was no exception. 
I had to face the internal exam conducted by the Blue Company. 

Feel like I'm taking a PMR because as soon as I finished my exam, my mom called me up. 
Her usual line was - "Boleh buat ke tak boleh?"
And I replied,  
"Masa mami smayang hajat tadi tu ngantok tak?"

Regardless how old we become, we will always depend on our mom isn't?
In my case she would be the laundrette sorter, my trustworthy babysitter, personal chef.. u name it. Anything under the sun. 
It explains why even dah tua, still kena bebel dengan mak. 

I love my mom.
I know. 

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