Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post #0219 - Car Boot Sale

Dear Earthlings, 

This was my first time joining my sistas in car boot sale (second time for them). 
Since the place is quite far from ours (Bukit Mahkota, Section 2), it took us almost an hour from Damansara. 
Those interested for car boot sale can click the link. They also conduct at other places. Feel free to check. One car lot is only RM7.

The night before the carboot sale, I was quite busy sorting out my things. This includes GadgetGeek stuff.

Me : You nak pakai lagi tak this shoes?
GadgetGeek : Yes
Me : But you memang tak pakai kasut ni. More than six years already. Esok I jual eh.
GadgetGeek : Please don't mess with my stuff. I'm a collector.

Anyways, (i think) he got mad at me because few years ago, I sold off his things for my garage sale which includes my presents to him.
Hahaha.. dendam lama berdarah kembali. Hahaha
Seriously. Tak pakai pon. Dah lama dalam almari. Plastic pon tak bukak lagi. 

Anyhoo, I departed at 6.30, reached by 7:30am with my Sista #1.
Sista #3 arrived later with her Che Abe and her 5 months old pokcik.

It's like a picnic on Sunday morning

A couple of hours later, GadgetGeek arrived with Youngster #1 & 2. Reason being, he just wanted to check whether I took his stuff for sale or not. Muahaha.. Tak caya bini kann.. 

Sold our stuff dirt cheap. 
Dresses (NEXT, GAP, etc) for girls age 10-12 at the price of RM8 -  RM10 (used not more than twice), my (new without tag) NINE WEST boots was sold at the price of RM20, Sista #3 NINE WEST boots (bought in Dubai, used once) sold at RM30.
Niece roller blade : RM5, 
Nephew's shirts (QUIKSILVER, NEXT, GAP etc) : RM10 - RM5. 
My long sleeves tshirts were sold at RM1 per piece. 
Sista #4 ADIDAS sneakers : RM10 - RM5. SKETCHERS RM5.
Brand new bedsheet (duvet cover, bedsheet, pillowcase (2) and bolster sheet) - RM30 

Some of Youngster #1 & #2 clothes : 50 cent - RM2. 
Youngster #1 shoes (2 pairs) and 1 slippers we sold at the total price of RM13. 
All in excellent and good condition. 

Most of the buyers are nice, but there are some who are harassing us to mark down the price.  Yes, literally harassing. (the 'foreigners' laa especially) Paksa-paksa pulak. 
For instance, Sista #1 told the buyer, the price per piece is RM20 (bought the dress more than RM150) Worn once. Anyways, if the buyer intend to take two piece, she will give the price of RM10 each. 
The said buyer wanted it to be RM10 for two, meaning RM5 each. 
Haih.. macam-macam.

I think total number of cars who participated more than 20. Sale starts at 7.30am until 11am.

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