Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Post #0262 - In training

Dear Earthlings, 

Saw couple of mugs Orla Kiely inspired in Parkson. Bought a pair as they are too cheap to pass. One selling for RM6.90 I think. 

Strolled through their Home Department and saw these jewelleries boxes selling half price (RM29.90 & RM24.90). (They have many kind).  Also angkut jugak. Great to store Youngster #1 accesories yang tak seberapa tu.

After check out, she didn't waste any time. Quickly she asked wet tissue from me. Wanted to wipe off the dust (if any) which I can't see any of 'em.

It doesn't stop there. 
At home, she continued wiping. This time wet tissue + (her)  Johnson cologne.

Day by day, I can see that Youngster #1 is becoming more like my BigSis. VERY picky with her attire, knows how to take care of her things and most importantly she's becoming one heck of OCD. 

If this goes on, well.. I'm in BIG trouble.. because mak dia suka sepah!
Sure dapat lecture from her. Kompem!

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