Friday, April 26, 2013

Post #0263 - Gonna be a tough one

Dear Earthlings, 

I have to admit that I am an observer since 12 years ago. 
Passed my right (two times to be exacted), didn't register at all. Unlike, GadgetGeek who is .. err.. so patriotic.

Anyways, I may practise my right to vote this year.

1. Went to Kelantan during the Candidate Selection Day and saw green Moon conquering the streets.   

2. Picked up few souvenirs for my Boss. She is one die hard fan of Blue.

3. Was curious about these small flags near our neighbourhood until I posted in FB. (That is where you get the latest answer/info/enquiry nowadays)

Received few comments. 
Some say, it's the Candy Crush game colour. 
Some say, it's Cup Cake Party.

Which ever party who wins this coming election, I hope they serve the best for  Rakyat.  

Happy voting everyone!

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