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Post #0260 - Potty train & Wean off. Done!

Dear Earthlings, 

Youngster #2 is now off-diaper! Definitely it is a BIG thing and yeay for me!
Not only that, we also have weaned him off and he is on sippie cup / sports bottle. No more milk bottle. wuhuu!!

We started on Chinese New Year holiday, about 3 weeks ago.
I woke up one morning and decided to potty train him, since it was a long break. Getting tired of buying diapers already, and it's not cheap! We had to spare RM150-RM200 per month for diaper. Isn't it a waste?

First thing first. 
Roll & keep the carpets in safe place, because for the first 4 days, shee-shee and poo-poo every where, though we have reminded him every second. 
I think that was the stress part. 

Previously we took him to the toilet every 30 minutes. But seeing that he always peed in the pants, the toilet trip was changed to every 15-20 minutes. Regardless he wants to pee or not. 

Since it was a new experience for him, we let him pee on the toilet floor. After two-three days when we trust that he is comfortable peeing, we start to teach him to sit on toilet seat. 

Pardon me, but I don't believe in potty training kid using this.
Satu kerja nak kena mengutip

We use this instead.
* flush *
I have to admit that it was a bit difficult for him to adjust with the new situation, but you.. yourself have to support and continuously train (and force!) him.  I think he started to poo using toilet seat after almost a week of training.
Night time, get him to pee before sleep. When he is already asleep, I put on the diaper. But at the very next morning, as soon as he wakes up, I immediately take him to the toilet. 
Yes, for the first few nights you will get a wet diaper, but eventually the kid will stop to pee.

After monitoring him for 3 continuous night of wet-free diaper, I stop the night diaper and bought changing mat, to place under the bedsheet. (Just in case)

Bought for RM17 (or was it RM27) in Tesco (Pic.googled)
Alhamdulillah, no wet bed has been found todate. 

When travel or jalan-jalan, we still take him for toilet trip. A bit hassle, but the show must goes on. During our last visit to PD, Youngster #2 was on potty train. So we put on the diaper for the road trip.  Tak nak la dapat extra kerja dalam kereta pulak kan, kena cuci and all. But surprisingly, dia did not wet the diaper. Good news, weeehooo!! Good news laa kan sebab dapat control for 3 hours. Check in je, terus bawak masuk toilet.

Nowadays dah confident sikit tak pakai diaper dalam kereta. So far alhamdulillah. Ask him to go to the toilet first before we leave the house for school. Upon reaching school, another toilet trip. We also asked the teachers to coorporate in training him. 

At first, some teachers support our effort, others were sceptical. Blaming us on starting potty train too early on Youngster #2. To us, when the kid knows the different between pee and poo and also already know how to talk, we should train them. If we were want to wait until the kid is ready.. hmm.. can you tell me how long we have to wait for that?


In weaning off.. seriously, to buy bottle nipple is not cheap, and I had to change it every 2-3 months because Youngster #2 loves to bite. So, I bought a straw bottle, the one that doesn't leak and have no-straw, only the spout. (pic below)

It only lasted him for one night. He gets tired of biting the spout (then only the milk flow). 

So I use this one instead.  (Bought 2 years ago. But not in use, because Youngster #1 not like it)

Same goes to Youngster #2. 
So we pass.

Then we tried this one. Both bottles are from Tommee Tippee. Belongs to Youngster #1 which I bought sometime 4 years ago. I believe they do not produce this type anymore.
The spout can be folded. 
So far he is loving it :)  (Buang duit je beli Nuby!)

It's not that I am depriving the Youngsters from milk. They still drink milk, but  just in a cup instead of milk bottle.

At the age of 30 months, no more diaper and milk bottle. 
I am one happy mom. 

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  1. Hooraayyy!!! lega nye kan? ( isk, tetibe stress bile teringat nak start potty train ni..ada lagi 2 orang!! ) uwaaa!!!