Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post #0264 - False Alarm

Dear Earthlings, 

WARNING : Lengthy story

Today marked the sixth month our helper is with us. Of course there are hiccups here and there, but I can't get the best of everything isn't it? So I have to be thankful regardless. 

We normally send the helper to her cousin house for her outing days. Until one fine day, she told me that she wanted to go lepak downtown meeting her friends. FYI, this happened about two months ago. 

On that particular morning, GadgetGeek was already out for meeting. So I  had to sort out the outing. On our way to her cousin house, the helper told that she wants to go to downtown. Seriously, I really hate last minute change of plan. 

Since the two Youngsters were with me, I had no choice but to ask the helper to go by cab. To make things easy,  I hailed the cab for her. Called her every 15 minutes to make sure that she reached her destination. 30 - 40 minutes later she reached down town. 
I reminded her that I will pick up at the last spot around 5pm that evening. 

At 4.30pm, I called her but the call went to the voicemail. 
And it goes on until 5.30pm. 
I waited and searched at the pick up point, but couldn't see her whereabout. 

So I went to the cousin's house. Had no clue, so I asked the people around the area. Surprisingly, that person was the cousin's landlord. According to her the cousin has not been paying the rental for 2-3 months already and rarely come back to the house. 

Only God knows what has been crossing my mind when I heard the news. 
I just conclude.. "Oh, shit. My maid run away".

You see, everything is A okay until you get a maid. 
This is when you get spoilt! Pfft.
The maid do the chores. You sit down and look pretty. (don't take this literally)
So now I understand why some people (including me, now) cannot live without maid. 

Okay. Back to my story. 
Called up GadgetGeek,  and he asked me to return home. 
At home, I called up the cousin, asked for few numbers.. and I ended rang up the whole clan. Everybody (the helper's friends which I don't even know them) was in the state of panic looking for her.

We determined that if she cannot be found, we are going to make a police report.

One of the calls I made, I spoke to one of her friends that she met up earlier that day. According to her, they split up around 4pm because my maid needs to be at the pick up point at 5. 

Then it hit us. 
What if the taxi driver kidnapped her? Kidnap, rape and kill?
Afterall, she is not familiar with the streets in KL. Very scary indeed!

In the midst of chaos, I went to the kitchen and washed the dishes. 
Don't ask me why. But that is what I do best when I got stressed up. I do chores!

We continued calling her number but same answer - Voicemail.
Right after maghrib, GadgetGeek drove out to the pick up point while me, waited at the house with kids. 

15 minutes later, GadgetGeek called me up saying that he has found her. 

Around the pick up point.
The maid walked to his car and told that she waited for us since 5pm. Her phone was running out of batt. (She has been using her old phone from her hometown)
She told that she couldn't see my car because there are so many white cars.
Eleh. Blame for my massive production car some more.

Later that night, GadgetGeek took her to the mobile shop to get a new phone. As a gift, for the sake of her safety. 

Anyhow, what's important I thank God she is safe and sound!
And yes, GadgetGeek still making fun of me doing the dishes when the maid gone missing.
Haha. V.e.r.y.   f.u.n.n.y.

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