Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Post #0258 - February Trip & Tips : Port Dickson

Dear Earthlings,

We went to Port Dickson last weekend. Thought of going for a day trip, but later decided to spend a night there. Since this is the first time ever we brought the maid for a trip (she has been working with us for 3 months already), we decided to stay in an apartment (with 2 or 3 rooms).

Not familiar with PD accomodation except for Thistle and Avillion, we stopped at AnCasa, located near the public beach (less than 5 minutes driving distance). We also enquired Klana Beach Resort PD, but was fully booked.

The place consist of 3 blocks altogether. Ours was on the second block (the lobby block). For two rooms, the price quoted RM400++, while three rooms RM500++ (or was it near to RM500. Can't remember).

Our unit located at the seventh floor, facing the garden and side sea? Something like that lah. Not really nice though.

We opted for 3 bedrooms (1 queen sized bed and 2 rooms for twin bed)

The facilities, I'd say not bad. 
They have tennis court, swimming pool and they also cater for events (wedding, reunion etc).

But the bathroom. 
It was disaster! (and yucky)

on the very next morning, we took a 10 minutes drive to the Blue Lagoon, PD. According to the local, this is the best public beach they have in PD. Quite wide beach compared to the one near Klana & Ancasa beach.

Frankly speaking I'm not so keen looking at the color of their sand.

Despite the color, the sands are actually quite soft.

Forget the color. As long as the kids can play sand.

But, more pebbles instead of sand near the water.

Behind this beach located Permaisuri Resort. 

Looked around the area and enquire the price. 
The rate is a little higher than AnCasa, but very close to the beach.

If we happen to be in PD next time, we may opt for this apartment. 

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