Monday, February 25, 2013

Post #0257 - Guilty as charged

Dear Earthlings, 

I kid you not when I say "it is an impulsive buy".
I have to admit that I do have fickle minded. However, I thankful that my fickle minded is absent on anything about my marriage (*pat on the back*)

I went twice to the studio to pick a clutch. 

The first time, I picked this one. 
A ready made clutch.

Few hours later, I canceled my order.  

Ironically, I return to the studio on the following week.
Picked the songket and leather color.
Paid the deposit. 
A week later, something got into my mind saying that I DO NOT NEED a clutch.
What more with the price, it is definitely gonna be a waste of money.

Too late to cancel..
5 days later I received the package. 

And the unforgettable price is, 
RM1350-00 for a clutch made by one talented local designer. 

I shall cease myself from buying anything. I repeat, no more shopping for me until end of the year. 
I still cannot digest how the heck I fall for this one. 

Other people could have this chunk of money as their monthly salary and pay off their debt etc. And I? Lavishly spend for a clutch, which I think it is not right (?)

To tell you the truth, the clutch is still in its dust bag and I do not dare to open it.
Too much and too expensive. I feel like I do not deserve it. 
Feel so guilty spending that much.

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  1. just to make u feel better, its gorgeous ok!
    sekarang sudah banyak collection handbag nampaknya, kekekeke!

    1. To call it as collection would be an insult to the Collectors. hahahaha. Mana ada collection. Pakai mana mana ada je. Lagipon neck dah sakit, sah-sah tak boleh angkut leather bag. In a way macam rahmat la pulak kan. hehehe

  2. if you want to sell it, you can contact me btw huhu. the one with purple songket. my gmail is

    1. I think this clutch is still available. Can direct with Adila/Dara -