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Post #0255 - Islamic Education in Children. Is it crucial?

Dear Earthlings, 

I am not sure whether it's a trend to send kids to Islamic School nowadays.

Anyhow, I have been sending the Youngsters to this one Islamic School in KL for almost 3 years. That time my baby girl was about 2.5 years old and the other, 2 months old. I think we were quite lucky because it didn't take us long under the waiting list.

Being a possessive mother (ehemm, I'm not the only one), I noticed there were hiccups here and there. But as soon as  I  dealt with the trust issues (or was it pasrah?), I realised that they are doing the best that they can. This is the place where they teach my children how to be independent, potty trained (Youngster #2 currently under potty train), pray  and also take care of them. 

Previously I was so stressed up with the demam/batuk/hfmd/pneumonia secara berjemaah  at the School, because at the end of the day we definitely spending at least 5 days 4 nights at the Hospital (circa 2011. It was one tough year for us). For instance, Youngster #2 was diagnosed with pneumonia twice in 2011. Last year with hfmd. But alhamdulillah, his health now is improving.

Since Youngster #1 is good in Hafazan, her previous class teacher suggested for Q.uranic  De.velopment Program which is a special class concentrating more on Hafazan, Quran reading. 

Yes, I am proud that she is in that class. 
When you see the kids reciting Quran, masya Allah. My jaw dropped. Literally. 
Surah-surah panjang, it's like kacang goreng je. Piece of pie, orang putih kata.  

However, I am a bit worried about her English/BM reading. I believe Math is not a problem. Please don't get me wrong. I have nothing against reciting and everything. Just that I'm afraid that she couldn't cope with other subjects when she is in standard 1.

That's why I try my very best to do revision with her every weekend. Sometimes, tak buat sebab lupa!  
Bought the revision books from the School bookshop, where other classes of her batch also use it.  Other subjects are not a worry to me, except for reading! Simply because I do not know how to teach a kid to read! 
Haih. Macam mana nak buat ni.

Iklan : 
Back to school gifts from GadgetGeek office. Simple token of appreciation yang buat orang happy masih belum digunapakai.

GadgetGeek says that I should not be worried as Quran is the light of heart. Everything will fall into places when you have Quran to guide you. 

Nak harapkan diri sendiri untuk ajar anak baca Quran pon... ehemmm.. paham-paham je lah.   

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