Thursday, January 3, 2013

Post #0244 - Sun, Sea, Sand.

Dear Earthlings, 

We just came back from Hong Kong last week, and guess what.. next weekend we will be going off again. This time to Tioman Island!

So now I am searching high and low for the beach/sea wear. Thus, a wetsuit and sports hijab is under the radar. With zero knowledge, I found this website as a guideline in choosing one. 

huub sizing chart


I'm not looking for a thick one, ie : 3mm++ . 1mm is more than enough for me. After all, the price is more the less the same with bodysuit swim wear. Might as well I get a wetsuit.      

And for hijab wear, I choose Capster, as recommended by Nv. Love! Love! Love!

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  1. glad u like it.. i luv luv luv it too :)