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Post #0249 - December Trip & Tips : Hong Kong (Part 1/5)

Dear Earthlings, 

I don't know what to expect eventhough the weather forecast states 15' - 8' Celcius. Like, how cold is 15'C? Some people said, if you can bear with 15'C air cond, you surely can handle it. 
Well, it is not easy as it seems!

GadgetGeek has instructed me to pack light. Ohh.. everybody knows, a lady do not know how to pack light. What more with a hubby and 2 kids around.

So what to pack? Everyone will get-

a) 2 pairs of clothes each day (Outing & Sleepsuit),
b) 2 pairs of socks each day, 
c) 1 coat/jacket each, 
d) 3 extra long sleeves t-shirts & pants (for kids)
e) chargers & basic toiletries
f) diapers (4 piece/day)

For Youngster #2, I packed his milk powder (for 12 servings), bottles, wet tissue, (2) foldable handcarry and snacks inside my handbag. 
I normally leave my purse behind and use wristlet instead (to stash cash, ATM card and credit card). After all, I will not use any discount/membership card so why I want to bring along?  

The main reason why we have to pack light is because we are bringing the Youngsters  (aged 2.5 and 4 years old). A friend once told us that you have to be careful in HK especially when you are with kids as there are many syndicate around - child kidnapping. These poor children will be taken to China and only God knows what will happen. 

The plan is, GadgetGeek will hold a suitcase and Youngster #1, and me handle the stroller.. I think we are A OK.
Oh, the trick behind packing a medium sized suitcase is because we placed the medium sized into a Large sized suitcase (to be used later to pack souvenirs etc). What's important we are not occupied with bags.

We chose an evening flight (Malaysian Airlines) which departed around 7pm (local time). Reason being, we want the kids to have early dinner and sleep throughly in the flight. From Kuala Lumpur, it took 3.5 hours to reach Hong Kong.

The kids attire - I asked them to put on their sweater (less space to pack) during the flight. 

We arrived at Hong Kong International Chek Lap Kok Airport approximately 11.30pm, after the immigration etc we reached hotel close to midnight. Since we are travelling with kids, we chose the Regal Airport Hotel. It's the closes and connecting to the terminal.

Though it is just a simple room, I think it accomodate more than enough. Some pictures of Regal Airport Hotel -

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