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Post #0250 - December Trip & Tips : Hong Kong (Part 2/5)

Dear Earthlings,

Our day started as early as 7am (local time). Get the kids ready and breakfast (brought cereal in mini boxes & Quaker Chewy mini bars). By 8am, we already checked out and headed to Disneyland.

I actually wanted to take an MTR to Disney, but GadgetGeek insisted that we should take a cab. Not wanting to be hassle and everything.
I can't remember how much the fare cost (metered taxi), but I think it was around HKD$170, half an hour trip.

Since we came during peak period, the Disney Hotels were almost fully booked. We just booked on whatever room left. So, the first night in Disneyland we stayed at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and on the second night at Disney Hollywood Hotel.

First thing first.
From the airport, we went straight to the hotel to check in and leave our luggage (including stroller). Then, took the shuttle bus (near the lobby area) to Disneyland. No worries, the shuttle are frequent (less than 5 minutes waiting, regardless the queue). The hotel/bus attendant are helpful and efficient. They calculate the number of passenger -vs- number of vacant seat before boarding the bus.  The route, the shuttle will pick up guests from Disneyland Hotel prior Hollywood Disneyland Hotel (5-10 minutes bus ride).

We reached the Disney Bus Station approximately 9:30am. Since it is a long walk (10-15 minutes walk) from the station to the entrance, I think the timing is just nice (Disneyland opens at 10am).

For our trip, we wore layers. So if the weather starts to get chilly, we can put on our jacket, else suffice with sweaters/long sleeves.
I have listed down the rides that we wanted to go, but the most importantly is not to miss the Fantasy Flight Parade & the Disney in the Stars fireworks.

Many said that Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest park of all, and going for one day is more than enough. I was contemplated until a friend suggested to go for two days instead as we just need to top up a bit more (Approximately HK$100 / Less than RM40) . Turned out she was right! Travelling with kids and time queuing do consume more time compared travelling with no kids. 

One day ticket

General Admission Ticket (aged 12-64)HK $399
Child Ticket (aged 3-11)HK $285

- vs -

Two day ticket
General Admission Ticket (aged 12-64)HK$499
Child Ticket (aged 3-11)HK$355

Hong Kong Disneyland has a total of 6 parks, namely - 

1) Main Street USA
2) Grizzly Gulch
3) Adventure Land
4) Toy Story Land
5) Fantasy Land
6) Tomorrow Land

I basically have divided 3 parks each day, but on the day itself.. it turned out, that we were like every where. Lol!

Anyhow, as soon as we enter the Park, we went straight to Disneyland Fire Department on Town Square, near Main Street USA. It's on your left). This is where you can rent stroller/wheelchair. 

I have to admit that it's quite expensive to rent a stroller (we rented two strollers!) but, it's a mind free when you just not have to worry leaving the stroller outside the rides. Rain cover also comes in handy especially the wind blows really hard at night. For two strollers we spent more than HK$500 (inclusive deposit)/day.  

Next we went to Adventure Land. 
Reason being, we are going for early lunch and the only HALAL place here is Tahitian Terrace Restaurant. You can just imagine, for 2 days 2 night we ate the same thing here! Regardless the price, the taste is quite good. 

I believe one has to do itinerary so you could catch the show. 
So for this one, I plan to have an early lunch at the Restaurant before we could catch Festival of the Lion King Show at noon. (beside the restaurant).

the Entrance

Tips : Find a seat near to the entrance (right/left) because that is where Simba will be facing.

Passed through Grizzly Gulch (not fancy anything) and we arrived at Toy Story Land. 

Didn't try any of the ride,  but went to the Toilet instead. Surprisingly, the toilets are superbly clean regardless of the crowd.

Introducing, the Youngsters fan. lol!

THE FLIGHTS OF FANTASY PARADE will be in next entry.


For two nights in a row, we sat right in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle. The first night was at the 5th row, but on the second night, we sat on 10-12 row from in front (it was on Christmas eve). It was packed and people started to sit as early as 8pm. (show starts at 9pm). Seriously, it was freezing cold! What can I say, Disneyland is located in  Lantau Island, and the wind from the sea blew so hard!

Below are the pictures taken on second night.


We booked via online (including park tickets and breakfast with character). In my case, I was in doubt (again!!)  whether or not to have breakfast with character or not since it's quite pricey. 

After one short talk with GadgetGeek, he advised me to book the breakfast because we are already there and it's a lifetime experience (alang-alang dah sampai). So, have to join the fun and that's the price we have to pay. pfft. 

So I emailed the Hotel (with reference no.) and asked them to book the first slot (7:30am - 9am) (fyi, Second slot : 9:30am - 11am) and wallahhh! 
Mind you, the Character Breakfast is always fully booked, that's why you have to book prior/upon your arrival.

Worry not, you just have to stick at your place and the character (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto) will come to your table. Food wise, not many option to eat.

Our room is the Garden View, so here are the pictures. 

What's unique about this hotel (apart from the Character Breakfast), they have bathrobe & room slippers for kids. The Youngsters loved it!

Indoor -

Outdoor -

Now playing : -


  1. reeva the breakfast kat that hotel semua halal eks?..planning to go there with the kids in shaa allah..

    1. Kitaorang makan pancake & cereals je, sebab tu je option yang ada untuk Disneyland Hotel.

  2. Aaaa...sgt gigeh menulis entry dan share the experienced. Disneyland paris ramai sgt orang...pegi sehari dpt buat 1 or 2 activities jer.

    Tapi best la..ade HALAL food situ..syok nyer..

    Fireworks mlm pun lom tgk lagi...leceh sket bwk kiddos..kena plan betul2..

    1. Hahaha.. Sebab gigeh ni la Part 3 tak naik naik lagi. hahaha

  3. Good info, will defenitely refer to this entry if we happen to visit HK. Now I noticed tix price RM4++ kat air aisa. tp travel period somewhere in May.

    1. Happy travelling! tapi I cheat. Entry tak abis. tak sempat sempat nak continue pasal HK Trip. hehe