Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post #0240 - Stage Show(s)

Dear Earthlings, 

I think, we've been to many stage shows lately.  

1) Comedy Court - Rally On. 

Well, the idea of watching this show was by GadgetGeek. 
Truthfully, I tak layan sangat stand up comedian ni except for Russell Peters. hehe.. agak poyo di situ.

Anyways, you can just throw any comedian on stage and GadgetGeek will laugh his heart out. For real ok. Sangat tak paham. 
Like previously, we went to a wedding and they invited a stand up comedian for the show.. all I can hear was GadgetGeek's laughs, though I think it was not thaaat funny. 

Not to disrespect, but I slept on the final 15 minutes. Too tired I guess!
Sorry hunn!

2) Little BIG Club - Live in Concert

A day before the show, I remember GadgetGeek asked me about this. I thought it was just another soalan mengisi masa lapang by which I answered, 'ok'. 
(I think, I was sleeping that time. Aahhh.. clever, asked me when I was in LalaLand. Haiyaaa)

Received a confirmation email and couldn't recall what it is all about. I thought it just gonna to be another show.. until I googled and found out that it is
for kids. Sigh. 

A bit disappointment because they charge one ticket per kid, regardless the age. In normal circumstances, kids under 3 should be free isn't it? So we purchased 2 adults and 2 kids which cost us a bomb. Told GadgetGeek, with this amount we spent, might as well we go for JLo Concert. Boleh dapat best seat lagi. Hurmph. 

Anyhow, on that Saturday -
a) went to Jamal Raess' akikah in Wangsa Maju 

Jamal Raess Ross-Iddin

b) headed to KLCC for the concert. 

Meet the characters - 

And the most awaiting for -

Spoil sunggoh budak budak sekarang. During my time, my parents wouldn't be bothered for this.

 Now playing :  Carly Rae & Justin Bieber - Beautiful

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