Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Post #0108 - Admitted again

Dear Earthlings, 

Youngster #2 is now admitted. Over the weekend, he had severe cough and on Monday (when i picked him up from the School he started to have fever) There was no fever when i took him to see the Paed on that earlier morning. Sigh. I believe he got infected when i sent him to School later.

I didnt sleep as i was too busy making sure Youngster #2 temperature goes down. By 3am, his temperature subside.
So the next morning (tuesday) i sent him to school with few instructions and told the caretaker to give me a call if Youngster #2 condition get worsen.

I was indeed nervous when received a call from the School. I quickly make my way to the School and headed to the hospital. According to the teacher, he looks lethargic, tired, clingy, cried a lot and at one point he turned blue.

Sensed something is wrong, i rushed to the a&e and i was pretty confident that this time it must be pneumonia due to medical history. And I was right. Youngster #2 had pneumonia in last february - as soon as we came back from balikpapan.

The Medical Officer did some diagnosis - blood test etc, and nebuliser was given to him. Our Paed is away, hence his substitute is replacing him.

I hate to say this.. But this time, i'm a bit more nervous and concern compared to his last admission. I couldnt eat and sleep.

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