Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post #0109 - Admitted again : Day 3

Dear Earthlings,
An H1N1 test has been done yesterday. It is a 24 hours test, hence the result will be out this evening. 
I'm off for two days from the office; missed my department - open house as well as the Youngsters School Open House. My mom is handling Youngster #1 and I can't rely on GadgetGeek as he's too tight with his schedule. 
Right now he is busy with his latest assignment and will fly out to JB on this coming Sunday til Tuesday and to Rotterdam later that day until the following week. 
Yes, I wished he was here with me but can't asked for more. I believe, that's the least I can do. Concentrate on Youngster #2 and don't bug him. 

Dr. predicts that we will be spending at least another 7 days at the hospital due to Youngster #2 condition. Both of his lungs are infected. Front and back. I'd say it's a severe one. On day one, the Dr. couldn't hear a thing when she checked on the lungs. Second day, there was a sound, but too many noise. The noise is something like you squashing a plastic bag. Something like that lah.
His temperature has been up and down, but the fever is still there plus cough and flu. He's on drip and today mark his second bag. Diarrhea because there is no appetite. He only drank a total of 4 oz yesterday. At times turn blue because of the temperature shooting up.
I read an article saying that 5-7% of pneumonia cases can lead to death, which doesn't help at all. 
It makes me really-really-really worried. 

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  1. Sabar ye Reev. Insya Allah baby hakeem going to be ok.