Monday, September 19, 2011

Post #0110 - Admitted again : Day 7

Dear Earthlings,
Youngster #2 has still not be discharged yet. The IV has been taken out on Saturday morning because the tube was already bended and the Paed couldn't find Youngster #2 vein on his other hand. 

So the Paed decided to jab him with antibiotic. As a result, 3 nurses and (me) had to hold him really-really tight because he struggles a lot. Not only that, it also applies to medication intake and nebuliser. Even if the nurses did the swaddling, he can still get away / get himself out. 

Nebuliser has been reduced to every 6 hours from 4 since yesterday as well as cough syrup.   
Thank you for all the warm wishes, his condition is now improving. No more fever, except that he will throw up whenever he cough hard which happens at least twice a day. 

Anyways, Youngster #2 is now known as "awan nano" by the Paed Nurses due to his hair :)
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