Sunday, July 24, 2011

Post #0086 - KUL to SG : Makan-makan & fat burning

Dear Earthlings, 
Since our room is located at the Club Floor, we were entitled to have breakfast on the upper floor - Meritus Club Lounge, overlooking the city.

Here, they sort of have exclusive use of the facilities like meeting room, internet as well as dining. 
Lounge Area

Meeting Room
Unlimited Usage of Internet
Below is the dining area. 
To me, it's a bit weird because I normally go for breakfast without taking any shower. Busuk-busuk. But here, you have to dress up nicely, otherwise you'll feel awkward because most of the patrons were dressed up.
Ok fine. Maybe it is just me who go for breakfast busuk-busuk. 
So kan? hahaha.. 
They not only serve breakfast, but also complimentary evening cocktails and canapes, light snacks and refreshment.
Anyways, the food selection was ok. I wouldn't say it was superb because the spread was just like any other buffet - cereals, salads, fruits, local kuih, and couple more heavy meal located at the other side of the room. The chef on duty will be waiting at the window kitchen, just in case the patron would like to order anything for breakfast.

I wasn't look forward for the food actually. I was more towards the ambiance because this was my first time having breakfast at the Club Floor. Yes, it felt like living rich and famous because we were served privately and the patrons seems like orang-orang kaya. (Except for us, d'uh!) and of course, this area was separated from the normal breakfast - which located at the fifth floor (if i'm not mistaken)

Believe it or not, right after breakfast I went straight to the Gym for the first time in many-many years. Seriously, I was exhausted after two minutes riding. Then I got distracted and started to wonder around.
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