Friday, July 22, 2011

Post #0084 - KUL to SG

Dear Earthlings,
Last month, I managed to have few days leave, hence quickly booked the ticket. Coincidentally, my flight was the same night with Big Sis' flight. The only difference, her flight was heading to Korea, while mine.. not too far away. 

Yes.. I'm going to meet him.

Being me, kinda a last minute person. On the day of departure, baru terhegeh-hegeh to request for roaming. Unfortunately (I went to KLCC and KL Central) both places claimed that they can't do anything because the network was down. Whatever. So I gambled.

Since I'll be roamingless, I texted GadgetGeek that I will meet him at the arrival exit prior my departure. (not knowing that there are two exits in Changi : with luggage/without luggage)
Anyways, I traveled light whereby I only brought one hand luggage. Instead of exiting the gate after the custom, I went through the one with luggage (while GadgetGeek was waiting for me at the other exit).

Lucky that I'm smart enough to stay put at the (wrong) exit, and let GadgetGeek to look for me. Yeah, sometimes I can be thaaaaat bimbs. So, after 20 minutes of waiting he finally saw me at the sitting area :)

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