Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post #0065 : Exhausted

Dear Earthlings,
Only god knows how tired I am. Mainly, it is because of my job. I thought I could manage the department during my boss' absence. But boy.. Handling more than 20 subsidiaries (with only two people left in the dept) is not that easy. I wonder how did my boss pulled it off.

NEVER in my life I work for almost every day with more than 15 hours/day. My brain cells are working like hell!
Plus, the Youngsters are not feeling very well. Sigh..
Let alone the chores. I think I could lost in mountain high laundry.

Anyways, my mom called me yesterday wanting us to come over. According to her, my dad wants to tell me something.
As I said before, we hardly pay my family a visit though the distance is just ten minutes away. We arrived just before Maghrib and ready for family dinner.

Yesterday dinner was a special one because it was prepared by LilSis I which, indicates her milestone where she managed to cook for the first time after being married for a year ;)
Like usual, we do the catching up during dinner and dessert.

Our conversation mostly about harta duniawi as well as Islamic values. So last night, my dad mentioned that he wants to do transfer of 5 names (number of my siblings) and he believes that I will manage it wisely.

Later, when I joined my mom watching tv.. She asked me whether my dad has conveyed his amanah to me? I was like huh? Then million of questions started to bombard my head. 
Why is my dad telling all these?! :(

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