Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post #0061 - Keep 'em Comin' !

Dear Earthlings, 
I bet you already realised that pictures have started to flood in this page. Initially, I wanted to do some picture  adjustment  (poyo jer) prior posting, but I couldn't find time to do so. Feel sorry for myself.

Seriously, my eyes sore each time I look at the quality of my pictures. It's grainy and blurry. 
As I mentioned before, it is about time to get a new one. We went to Nikon Exhibition two weeks ago, but still can't decide on a camera that suit me. Wanted D7000, but later realised that it is not good enough. Mainly because it is not full frame.

So now, I'm waiting for so-called the replacement of D700 this month. Shall see what it has to offer.     

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