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Dear Earthlings, 

It has been a while since I last mentioned about Youngster #1. Todate, she is 35 months old, and going to be 3 in a month time. 
So far she has been in school (together with Youngster #2) for 4 months (and 2 months prior admission to her current school). Though there are hiccups here and there (which we can still tolerate), her attitude towards others are now improving. Previously, I did mentioned that we had to face her drama sometime in January and later discovered that she was missing her friend. With the help from the teachers, now we have no problem in dropping her to school every morning. 
Last time I was in the opinion that, there is no need to send the kids to School in their early years as I believe there is nothing much the School can teach. 
But boy, I was wrong! Apart from having minor -ve attitude which they absorb from other students, the kids surely learned a lot of new things which I myself couldn't afford to teach them!

During my first visit to the School, I didn't believe when the Principal told me that my baby will know how to recite prayers, alFatihah etc in less than 3 months after the enrollment. Today, I take back my word. Not only that, we can see her improvement especially in discipline, creativity as well as independent.

Like a couple of weeks ago, when Youngster #1 hung out with GadgetGeek's mom, she sang "Insha Allah" song from Maher Zain. (must be learned from School). Of course, GadgetGeek was surprised.
When I was with her, she asked me to sing along. And I was like, tak tau laaaaa.. tak pernah dengar.

Anyways, when Youngster #1 reached one year old, I was determine to potty train her. Hahaha.. But it didn't succeed due to my laziness and not seriously. (Almost) two years later, (it started last month) Youngster #1 has began her potty train.  

During her first week of potty train, she always held her pee (for one whole day, until we put on her diaper). The teachers were a little bit concern on this issue, afraid that it might bring bad effect on her. However, I gave them my permission to continue. 
On week two, she started to learn how to pee in the toilet. She diaper off at school, and we continue it at home. 

Yes, I always feel nervous each time she diaper off. I'm not the type who like to do the cleaning. Few incidents happened in a car (lucky she was in her car seat!) (twice - happened when I picked her from School and the teacher let her diaper off), in front of the toilet door (one time - Couldn't make it in time) and once in the bedroom. I think, that's about it. 

Nonetheless, she will always ask for diaper each time she wants to poo. Last night, for the first time she requested to poo in the toilet. Yeay!!
But before I could take her to the toilet, she left me one small gift just in front of the toilet door. Haiyaaaaaaaaa!

What is left now is to diaper off during she sleeps. Currently, the number of diaper we use everyday is ONE! So many diapers we save now. Please bear with us, we are taking one baby step at a time :)

Oh, speaking of weaning. Youngster #1 is no more on bottle feeding. We wean her off long time ago due to our laziness washing (so many) bottles. Though we weaned her off, we still give her milk. Be it formula/fresh milk.

As usual, it was unplanned. When I went shopping, I picked up a really nice tumbler (BPA free) for Youngster #1 so she can bring it to school. I chose the one without straw, because I hate cleaning tumbler with straw - Just flip the lid. But when I reached home, I decided to show and impress her with the new tumbler. Then I asked her (Tips : Always ask for the permission or let them choose! They love when we treat them like an adult)can I put milk inside? and she said YES! So that is when it all started.

When it comes to fresh milk/formula. We will ask her, "Do you want cold or warm?" If she answers warm, it means she wants formula. Cold is for fresh milk, because we keep it in the fridge.

Ever since we weaned her off, she loves to eat. It gives us a lot of relieve.

ps - Each time she pee/poo, we will compliment her and remind her - If she continues pee/pooing in the toilet, then only we will take her to Mickey Mouse house (ie - disneyland) :D So far it works.

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