Monday, April 18, 2011

Post #0062 - The Road to Recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

In my earlier post,  I did mentioned that my minor surgery will be done on my birthday, right? 
Well, after one thoughtful consideration, I have decided to postpone for next two weeks. By then, I hope my work load has subside.

Hence, the date shall be on 4 May, but I have to check in a day earlier as agreed. 
Right now I'm having second thought. Though it just a minor operation, I feel so freaking nervous. This was due to my conversation with the Anesthetist. 

During my meeting with the Anesthetist, he asked me few questions, and one of the issue was on taking the blood sample. 
I told him that no need to take blood sample, because I already took it 2 weeks ago and my count is normal. And it has been like that for the past two months. 

However, I think he got upset because he asked me several times on the same question and wanted me to be sure on that (To me, if he didn't believe, he can request for medical record from my Physician. Simple as that). Then he started to bla-bla-bla.. and the only phrase that I can catch was - "You have to be sure. This is matter life or death".

Now I go all cuckoo because of this.
takut mati woo~

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