Thursday, March 31, 2011

Post #0048 - The looks of a private pilot in the making

Dear Earthlings, 

Me and GadgetGeek love to surprise each other and we would normally compete who gives the best surprise. And when it comes to surprise, I always be the fool one, mainly because I don't know how to keep a secret.   

However, I finally managed to hush this. Well, almost. Because he guessed that we are going to have a heli ride. Yeah, right. pfft. 

Anyways, one of GadgetGeek many life dreams is to fly. He once told me (5-6 years ago) that he wanted to be a pilot but was objected by his parents. Though it was objected and now he's in different career path, he intend to have his Private Pilot Lisence (PPL) sooner or later. To show that I am a good listener, I took him to the Subang SkyPark earlier this week.

Little that he know that he's the one that will be taking me out to fly.
(money can't buy) surprised expression : YES!
Normal Procedure

Checking on feul
As arranged with Mr. A who is an instructor and owns the flying club, he briefed GadgetGeek on Flying 101. An hour later, we are already on the runway - choosing which light aircraft that we would like to take. 

We fly out of Subang, straight to city centre, then to fly over our "new house".. make two rounds above it so we could take an aerial view of the house.. also to cross over our "current house" and ends where we started. That's the first trip.
Taking over
Approaching TM tower in Bangsar
Entering the KL City
Aerial view of New Residence
the view of current home
I'm not sure whether I'm a party pooper or not, but half way through the flying (of the first trip).. I had motion sickness. Boooo! So GadgetGeek and Mr. A dropped me at Skypark and they flew for second trip to have a view on Straits of Malacca.

Apart from having a mini crash course pilot, Mr. A also do private tour with an affordable price!

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  1. Im bad in keeping suprises too! May b I shld blind-fold J.