Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Post #0037 - Quel tissu préfères-tu

Dear Earthlings, 

I know it's a long way to go for Raya. We have another 5 more months isn't it? Unlike previous years, I don't really care about celebrating it. 

For instance, during my first year of marriage. I was down with morning sickness. So I'd pass.
Second year, I didn't have time to make one Raya dress. So I just picked what ever I have in the closet.
Third year, I was in confinement. (About a week after I delivered Youngster #2. 
Fourth year.. which is this year.. I think it's about time for me to have a nice and proper Raya dress. 

Right now I'm eyeing for batik. (because the weather is blinking hot) However, the Batik price in KL is killing me. Minimum RM300++. So I contacted my cousin (who lives in Shah Alam) but her family runs a batik business in Kelantan to customade my order. Price wise, (almost) 50% cut from KL's price tag. 
Hehe.. Smile on my face

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  1. i pun tak penah beli sutera Batik kat KL, mahal, tak mampu. so mujur la digun's aunty ada kedai kat pasar siti khadijah tu. so, my Batik beli from her since i kahwin. yg lagi best, sana semua yg latest punya corak and pattern.

  2. Aofah, kan? tak sanggup nak kasi duit banyak mcm tu bila kat kl, cos boleh dapat harga jauh lagi murah kat sana. So tahun ni raya theme apa? u balik kb kan this year :D