Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post #0042 : Lining up events

Dear Earthlings, 

Well, my presentation for confirmation (next Monday) has been postponed due to my superior’s unexpected early delivery. So, tentatively next 2 months is going to be the presentation date. Though my superior advised to proceed on the scheduled date, but I decided to wait until she’s back in the office. Not sure whether is it a good decision or bad.

Anyways, few plans have been lined up for upcoming months.

 “Just the two of us Rendezvous”. One BIG surprise for GadgetGeek which I don’t think he would think of! Haha.. Anticipation is off the roof! (But I have yet to make any booking and I pray for the weather too)

mid : Youngster #1 Sports Day (to be held in Setiawangsa/Melawati). GadgetGeek already got her a pair of running shoes. Spoilt!

End : Primary School Reunion (which I can’t wait! The last time we met was circa 1992) Yet to decide on the menu, but GadgetGeek wants to sponsor a lamb. Tengok dulu camne.
Most probably we’ll do at my parent’s place. Therefore, I need to coordinate the table setting etc. Since the number of guests is less than 100 pax, I don’t think it is necessary for me to rent a canopy. Tables can be arranged under the covered entrance.
It has been a while since I last visited my parents. I think more than a month. 

Shame. Shame. Our house is less than 5 minutes drive to my parents’ place, but we can’t find time to pay them a visit! I hope by now, my dad has completed the left side of the house. Otherwise, I don’t know where to place the guests! Hahaha.. boleh?
Will have the pre and final meeting two weeks before the event.

1st : Youngster #1 birthday
Not expecting to have a birthday bash.  

Plan to have kenduri doa selamat for our 4th anniversary. Insha Allah, subject to the venue. If we can’t agree on it, I think we’d to pass. Funny isn’t it? Venue will always be a problem to us.

 Youngster #2 birthday and Raya! (Yet to decide on the place to Raya. We had our Raya at my parent’s place last year because I was on confinement. Does that count?). Which also reminds me of ganti puasa. Aisey.. so easy to tak puasa.. so hard to ganti.

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