Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post #0038 – How far can you go with your bicycle?

Dear Earthlings,

Let me tell you about a friend of mine. I know Za.hariz for the past eight years. We are the touch and go type of friend where we only check on each other once a year, (at least). Hahaha.

In 2004/2005 - He was skinny as a lidi, but eats a lot.

3 years ago, we (me and GadgetGeek) noticed that he started to build up his body when he was residing in New Zealand. (Picture not available, but I assure you, his body was HUGE!)

and, 2011 (back to semi skinny)  -

But still goofy as always. 

We started to chat again last week for the year of 2011.
I was (still) surprised that he went for a personal trip half way around the world on his bicycle! Ironically, his adventure started mid last year and has just recently ended. He travelled from Litang County in the Sichuan Province of China to Omsk in southwestern Siberia, on bicycle, alone! He rode a bicycle all the way along this route, covering more than 7000 km.
He gathered his funds through personal savings and donation from friends and family. One thing for sure, this guy is crazy, did it because of passion and for fun! There is no intention to break any world record.

In a day, he cycles roughly about 100km. The longest trip would be 213km a day. Together with him, his loyal 30 kilos luggage which contained pots, stove, plate, oats, honey, sleeping bag (and only God knows whatever inside his bag)

He camped in the mountains for days until he meet civilisation. If enters town/city, he would stay in cheap guesthouse, if kampung.. he will sleep at local’s house, if in the wild, he’ll camp. Sleeping side by side with wolves :)

Faced many near death experience, for instance running out of water during his cross over 400km no man land in Taklamakan Dessert, next to Gobi Dessert.. close to the Mongol border.  He brought 12 litres of water and finished it within 36 hours. Cycled without water until he was flat. Luckily, there was army truck convoy saw him and gave him water, redbull, roti nan etc.
Not only that, he also got lost in the mountains of Tibets many times. Just to name a few.

Todate, I still couldn’t digest that he did it. Unbelievable
Eight Countries! Over 9000 KM! Zero Baths! One Bicycle! One Man.

His next mission - to conquer Russia to Africa with nothing but bicycle.

Come and join me to support him in Facebook Page – zforzahariz!

Catch him on the news -

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