Monday, July 30, 2012

Post #0215 - Chest Physiotherapy (Cupping)

Dear Earthlings, 

We finally had to admit Youngster #2 on last Friday night. 
Went to see the Paed on Friday afternoon. Negotiated so we can check in on Saturday morning, but the Paed wants to monitor Youngster #2 as soon as possible since we want to check out by Sunday as he wondered why the nebuliser thingy doesnt work.

So around 10pm, I went to the Hospital with the Youngsters. Check in and slept with the two kids in ward. GadgetGeek only came on Saturday morning itself because he had business dinner on that same night. 

Same process, nebuliser every 3 hours and antibiotics. This time, the different was the Paed assigned us for chest physiotherapy or commonly known as cupping. FYI, cupping is used to loosen the mucus from the lungs. 

How to cup -
Hand position :

Patient position : 

The trick is, you have to cup (aka tepuk) at the front/back of the lungs (not the backbone). As well as on the side rib. The reason why the patient has to be lied down on the pillow is to make the lungs tilt. 

Struggled, that's why we'd to wrap him
How many times? Depends.
Can do a couple of sets, 3-4 times a day.

Upah -

and Jalan-jalan - 

Had buka puasa gathering with GadgetGeek's boss and colleagues. Resorted the Youngsters with our reliable babysitters.

Buka Puasa at Double Tree, Jalan Ampang

Found few articles with regards to chest physio. Feel free to read. 

Seriously, I miss to be at home during weekends. Couldn't remember when was the last time we able to melepek. Weekends before we were in Singapore, hospital and recently in Alor Setar.

Found this one entry on steaming and cupping. very useful indeed.

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