Sunday, July 8, 2012

Post #0210 - Nude Louboutin

Dear Earthlings, 

Seriously, I hate when my mood goes koo-koo. Wanting the luxury-can't-afford-unnecessary kind of thing. 
Last time item was the Hermes bangle. Just because it has the initial H. (after all men in my life are all "H"). Yeah, cliche. 
This Hermes bangle has been stuck in my head since early this year. So, it has been 6-7 months already? 
Ok, pat on the back because I still contain myself :D

This week, it's the Louboutin. 
I believe this pumps has just made her comeback in my brain. In love with this pumps since a couple of years ago. I'd say, its overdue and no, I (still) will not waste my US$800++ for this pair.

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