Monday, July 23, 2012

Post #0214 - Portable Nebuliser

Dear Earthlings, 

I believe today marked one month (?) since Youngster #2 was discharged from the Hospital. We had an awful 5 days and 4 night stayover. On top of that, we've been seeing the Paed almost like every other week because he is still wheezing. Asked the doctor whether he's having pneumonia, and the answer is negative. 

Anyways, went to see Paed last Monday and he suggested to admit Youngster #2 for another round so he can do nebuliser. Forgive me for being selfish, as me.. being sick and tired staying over at the Hospital asked the Paed whether we could just visit any other Hospital for neb. (and he said yes!)
2 seconds later, I asked the Paed again. 
Instead of going to the hospital every 4 hours for neb, is it possible for us to neb Youngster #2 at home. 
He said yes!

So, I present to you.. Youngster #2 latest gadget.


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