Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post #0235 - Flash news

Dear Earthlings, 

After the slow talk incident, today we have decided to retain the maid and proceed with the permit. 
The reason?
We noticed that she is slow at doing her work, doesn't know how to cook nor take care small children. 
However, she is willing to learn and obedient. 

So far I'm satisfied with her folding and ironing. All t-shirts and pants are folded nicely and no more 2-3 side lines in ironing. Plus, all have been arranged color coded, just like what I taught her.

Because of this point we think that we should give her a chance. Afterall, we cannot expect that we could have a perfect maid isn't it?

GadgetGeek said those points I should be less worry about. Both Youngsters are full day at school, and the cooking shall be done by me. What's important, the house is clean and be taken care off. 

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