Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post #0233 - Yes or No?

Dear Earthlings,

Today marked the sixth day the maid is with us. (We call her 'bibik')
As I told you before, we had a Cambodian maid in 2010 for less than ten days. An Indonesian maid for a month in 2011, and now from Phillipines. 

Yes, many people make fun of us - having maids from different countries. Even the new maid told me, "waahh.. madam.. you have maid all around the world".

We have 7 days trial period and tomorrow is the day where we need to decide. 
So far, I'm so-so. 

If want to compare work wise, my last Indonesian maid (43 years old) is more hands-on, detailed with cleaning, good with kids but everyday asking me to send her to her mom's place (her mother is also a maid in Sunway). Not sure her intention was to work or to visit her mom. 

The Cambodian maid (19 years old) is out of the picture. She sleeps a lot, picky eater, late riser, always argue with us. In short,  everything was dissappointing. 

Our current maid (31 years old), she's ok, but slow in getting her job done. For instance, she took almost 3 hours to iron 8 pieces of garment. Not good with kids, but getting there slowly. Lucky that we still sending the Youngsters to school todate. 

The good news about this maid is, she's not home sick, unlike the previous maids.. which I find it a relief. No-more-drama-please. 

Btw, I just got to know that my dad knows basic tagalog. He even sang! (showing off his skills to the maid) which I don't know why he did that. My mom just laughed at him. 

Anyways, we left the maid at my mom's place for 2 days because we had to go to Langkawi which we already planned prior her arrival. According to my mom, the maid is easy to teach, not picky and obedient. Me, on the other hand raised my concerns etc. Again, my mom reminded me 'you cannot find a perfect maid'.

I think the reason why my family can click with bibik is because she eats budu sauce when my mom served on the table. lol!
Alaa.. my mom ni.. sapa-sapa yang suka makan budu, semua dia ok. bias! lol. 

Whatever it is, I'm still contemplating though.

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  1. Salam. Oh the cambodian maid not good eh?
    I tot there were good in diong the house chores.

    1. @bunga daisy : Maybe sebab kitaorang dpt yang tak best kot. Ada orang cakap the new ones are the left over. The good ones are all taken (batch dulu-dulu).