Friday, September 21, 2012

Post #0226 - Maroon 5 “Overexposed Tour 2012” Live in Malaysia

Dear Earthlings, 

We made it to the Concert!

The disputed tickets
Arrived quarter to nine
Arrival of CAB
opening act by CAB
Siti Nurhaliza, DK and Jimmy Choo (not in the picture)
Arrival of Maroon 5 @ 10pm
Show time! Maroon 5 *Screamm!!* First song - Payphone

Few lesson learned. 

1) Park your car outside the venue (unless you have a driver who can pick you up)
We didn't bother to park at the VIP parking as we parked our ride opposite the Stadium - near the row of shophouses, so we can escape the traffic madness. Reached home in Damansara within 20 minutes drive. 

2) ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS MAKE SURE that your camera battery is FULLY CHARGED!
We brought extra battery and only realised during the opening act that the spare battery was totally flat and the one in the camera had another 40% life. 

3) Shall buy better lens BEFORE the date of the concert.

4) Maroon 5 is totally awesome! (cry!!)
They were like, jumped out of the car.. straight to the stage and did their thang! Non-stop impressive show! 
Now I feel like a groupie. 

Now playing : Maroon 5 - Payphone


  1. hey would you mind if i used your photos for a report assignment? need one of the concert and yours is the clearest :)

    1. @just lyn lahh : gimme your email address. will fwd the original size.