Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post #0217 - Don't know whom to be blamed - TicketPro / Skynet for our Maroon 5 (ticketpro) - Live in Malaysia 2012 ticket delivery

Dear Earthlings, 

Feel So Close (Calvin Harris), Starships (Nicky Minaj), Wild Ones (Flo Rida / Sia), Scream (Usher) not forgotten, Payphone (Maroon 5) are just to name few songs during our US 2012 Spring Road Trip and KIIS was with us throughout the entire journey.

Drove more than 1000 miles, from New York through New Jersey, Philladephia, DC, up north to Niagara Falls, Canada and back where we started, these songs have been played million times in our 4WD.

That's the reason why we are so excited for the Concert. Clearly, it's the memories that we have.

So, I purchased the concert tickets online on 4 July 2012 and expected for its arrival maximum of 5 working days. On 12 July 2012 (I calculated 5 working days excluding weekend) I called up Skynet asking for my parcel and they told me that they have delivered it to a company in Cyberjaya. According to them, I called them up to change the delivery address. (which I swear, I don't give them any call/change of instruction). Why the heck I would want to send to another place isn't it? After all, I have made up my mind where the tickets should be delivered when I was making the purchase. D'uhh.

Pissed off with them, I called up TicketPro for further info. Ding dong here and there, they left me no choice but to lodge a police report on the following day. The reason why we had to lodge a report is simply because to protect our interest. Since then, no news from Skynet and TicketPro.

Anyhow, last Thursday (2 August 2012), I received a call from a guy (a Cyberjaya based company) asking my whereabout. I told him the whole story that Skynet has mistakenly delivered my parcel to their office. Cut the story short, we arranged for self-pick up (afraid that Skynet will screw up another time). 
Glad that the tickets are now in our hands.

But who wants to pay our 22 days of misery? and also for the effort that we gave for the collection?

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