Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post #0225 - September Trip & Tips : Retreat to Avillion Port Dickson

Dear Earthlings,

After nearly 2 years we hold our plan to Avillion PD, we finally make it.


Though it was last minute (booked the night before), GadgetGeek managed to pursuade the staff to give us Premium Water Chalet (the website showed that it was already fully occupied).

The reason why we picked Avillion is because it is a stop center for family. Everything is in the area. 
Like - 
Kids Cabin
If I'm not mistaken, they also have babysitter.

Not for long, until he
swim inside the blocks pool

The bathroom.

But how small is small?

Buffet dinner at Lord Avery's BBQ RM88++ adult kid RM30++ (4-12 years old).
They serve the best lamb!

Next morning.
Trip to the beach.

Pet Farm.


Playground -

Now playing : One Republic - Feel Again

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