Friday, April 13, 2012

Post #0192 -Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Dear Earthlings, 

I think I've been busy lately though I'm not quite sure what has been tiding me up. D'uhh! 

Office workloads are as always, except that I just got to know that my colleagues are part of my silent readers! (*wave* *wave* Miss Shop-a-Lot, Miss Drama-a-Lot and Miss Skinny-a-Lot). It is not that I mind these people know about my private life (It has been a month since I approved my boss on my FB, as well as my colleagues) but it is just a totally new thing for me. I'm sorry because some of them feel like I am not telling the truth.

Previously, I only add my (ex) colleagues once I left the company (and) didn't mixed up between office and personal. But working in the BlueCompany, I guess it has totally changed the landscape.  Mostly because these people are not office mates per se, they are also gossip buddies, good friends as well as fashion polices. If you want the truth (just about anything) go ask them.

Anyways, for the past 5 months, GadgetGeek has been hinting me to stay at home. (haiyaa.. should I be telling you this? Afterall, I bet my colleagues are reading this. wadehek). However, the answer is still NO, as Miss Shop-a-Lot says,
"I work because I'm giving space to my husband and kids"

No worries, my condition is simple. I only resign if we need to migrate (or if my boss resigns). If not, whatever I said still stand (for now :)
Like last week.. GadgetGeek asked me to extend my leave. Couldn't do so because of limited leave days I have.

GadgetGeek : Resign jelah.
Me : Don't want lah. Nanti bosan tak kerja. Kids at school the whole day. If ada maid, all housework will be done by her. 
GadgetGeek : That's easy. We remove the maid.
 _   _

I couldn't believe I'm saying this.
It's not that I don't priorities my family.. I believe that I need to work in order to keep my insanity. I have to admit that it's more tiring to stay at home.
You can just ask my schoolmates. All of them know that my ultimate ambition is not to work but to be a fulltime housewife. But later I realised, I couldn't leave my (current) job and enjoying every minute of it. (this is a true story okay. It is not because I know that my boss is reading this!)

What more, GadgetGeek always on the go. Sometimes he only realises that he needs to fly somewhere on the morning itself. Even worse, I only know that he is outstation, but don't know his whereabout.

I shouldn't be blabbering about this. It always happened when I'm too lazy to upload pictures.

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