Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post #0193 - If we ever meet again

Dear Earthlings, 

It was like a dream come true when GadgekGeek asked me whether I would love to go to States. (Hell yeah!!) The invitation came twice actually. The first one was via email. But due to late respond, he called me up :)

When he uttered the word, one by one..
my heart was pumping fast!
Normally I would just jump on what ever he’s saying. Ironically, this time I was patiently (trust me, it was really hard!) listening (with a BIG smile on my face :D ) Sounds stupid, but I think I had goose bumps. Cheezy I know.

We do have plans to go there, but never thought the trip would come this soon. My flight will be in next 8 hours and gonna face more than 20 hours flight.
We will be tripping in the Big Apple as well as DC and Philly. A place where GadgetGeek had spent 8 years of his life. If time permit, we might be driving up to Canada.
I don’t know what to expect, but hope it would be an enjoyable one!
Nervous I am.

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  1. wat to expect?? gojenging all d way! wat better to do, huh!!

  2. Dear Akukah?
    you think I dont know you ahhhh?? haiyaa.. spanx u~!