Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post #0191 - Aw-Shucks!

Dear Earthlings, 

March was a handbag galore month for me. Didn't expect it at all, but received it with open arms :)
Got three handbags from GadgetGeek. You heard it. Not one, but THREE! -

and (super unexpected) one from my Mom in law & Sis in Law.

So far I've been only using these three (except the black one). 
Not that I don't know how to appreciate.. but the feeling I have right now is w.e.i.r.d.
I normally use one handbag until lunyai, and then only buy a new one. That is how I treat a handbag. 
But having four handbags at one time.. hmm.. I must have been a reallllly good girl :)
Muahahahah (evil laugh)

ps - mmm.. on a second thought.. was GadgetGeek did something wrong? was he redeeming himself?? hmm..

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