Saturday, October 15, 2011

Post #0124 - On the side of Youngster #2 health

Dear Earthlings, 

All these while our kids' check ups are at a hospital in Damansara. After almost a month check out - Youngster #2's health is still in recovering stage, yet to fully recovered. 

Tired of this, I finally decided to change Paed (as pursuaded by GadgetGeek). I'm not saying that the Paeds in the previous hospital are not good or whatsoever, but to me.. it depends on the kid actually, whether suitable or not with the doctor. So don't take this wrong.

So yesterday I called up the Insurance Company to issue GL and double checked with the GL Counter whether they have received it or not. Lucky that I checked because they faxed it elsewhere.

Anyways, this morning.. four of us went to a hospital in Jalan Pahang. Arrived at 9am, managed to secure No. 10. By 11am, we finally get to see the Paed (as he had a emergency case to attend). 

He did a background check and conclude that both Youngsters have sensitive nose. So what I can do is to clear all the soft toys, dusts and make sure the house is clean (which stressed us out because we have an on-going construction across our unit)

On Youngster #2, we went for x-ray and glad that both of his lungs are clear. So the Paed change the puff (Orange) twice a day, (currently he's on red and blue puff every 4 hours) 2 weeks on Singulair and Zyrtec twice a day. 

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