Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post #0228 - Youngster #1 Birthday - soon.

Dear Earthlings, 

A little while ago, I asked Youngster #1 where would she wants to have her birthday at.

Me : Kakak nak buat birthday kat school ke.. kat rumah?
Youngster #1 : Kat rumah boleh.. kat hotel pon ok. 

Did she not hear my option?
Kot ye pon.. agak-agak laa kan. Birthday budak 6 tahun nak buat kat hotel.. Apakahhh?

Fast forward, I asked her again.
This time she CONFIRMED that she want it to be at our new place. 
But she requested -

1) Frozen theme birthday.
2) Clown with balloon sculpture.
3) Face painting.
4) Ice Cream. 
5) Games.
6) Lots and lots of balloon and bubbles.

* Pengsan mak *

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