Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Post #0227 - From pale to matte black

Dear Earthlings, 

Bought this side table some time ago, during Ik.ea sale. Was on sale less than RM100, I think. Good bargain isn't ?
HOL Side table IKEA Solid wood, a durable natural material. Practical storage space underneath the table top.

Anyways, in order to match the bed in the guest room (IKEA Hemnes Collection), 
I finally have the time to change the color :

I used the easiest method, which is to spray - by using black matte spray. 
One can covers all the sides with one coat. So, if you want to do multiple coating, prepare to buy plenty of cans. 

The thing is, I was too lazy to cover the area. Hence, I sprayed directly on the wall, grass and creepers. 
3 days has passed, I think GadgetGeek still not realised about this. But I think he will freak out this weekend.

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