Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Post #0225 - No pain no gain

Dear Earthlings, 

Felt chest pain and feverish the moment I stepped into my house from work which I thought it was a stress from the presence of my new superior. It turned out that I have pneumonia. Muahaha.. 
Buruk sangka punya pasal. 

will try to update (I doubt it) the overdue entry with limited internet. Our current house internet has been terminated because we plan to move by end of the month. Insha Allah. 

The new house is not really done yet, but all the essential things semua dah complete. So yang itsy bitsy here and there, will do slowly and pejam mata je lah.

Also planned not to subscribe to Astro anymore. Boleh hidup ke tanpa Astro? Sure boleh!
Our current Astro, subscribe to full package pon macam useless. Tapi yang dapat view cuma few channels macam movie channels and ch709. The rest mcm ikut mood nak appear or not. Like Disney Channels. Semua Disney channel ada except Channel PlayHouse Disney.

Malas nak panggil technician what not sebab nanti another charge.. bla.. bla.. Pastu kasi reason Astro kat this area memang macam tu. 
Blurghh.. whatever. 
Sick and tired of it. 

80% of the things, we have transferred to the new house. What's left to pack now is just our kitchen utensils, clothes and tv. Other heavy furniture like bed, cupboard, dining table, couch, fridge, washer & dryer we leave as is. Plan to pass to my Mom in law as her weekend/weekday house since she is working in downtown KL. 

If time (and internet) permits, I will share some tips in curtain and carpet hunting. 

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