Friday, July 12, 2013

Post #0274 - Still in maidless mode

Dear Earthlings, 

Since the maid has gone balik kampung, I had no choice but to immediately take charge, especially on the laundry because I do not want the history to repeat again - Ehem.. A mountain high laundry.

Not only that, our life has back to normal us where the laundry is done 3-4 times a week, ironing once a week (only iron my and kids clothes. While GadgetGeek's office attire - weekly ironing to laundrette, folding (depends) just because I'm too lazy to do it. But the hardest chores of all is to keep the folded clothes in the closet. Sigh. 

Last time we had the luxury of having change of bedsheet twice a week. Ironed bedsheet. 
With our current situation, weekly change I think it is more than enough. Non-ironed aka crumple bedsheet. 
Lantaks. Janji tukar. 

GadgetGeek chores, 
sort out trash and tutoring Youngster #1 with Qiraati & English reading. 

For the kids, 
About three days after the maid left, I then asked the kids to drink milk in cup. 
Again, I'm too lazy to clean up the bottle. At first, there was a series of disputes and questions as to why I have to drink in cup. I want the bottle. blah.. blah.. blah.. 

Well, do I care? 
The queen is still alive.
So the kids had no choice but to have their milk in cups. 

Next one would be the laundry. 
As you know we send the kids full day at school. So the dirty clothes from school, I asked Youngster #1 to take out from the bags into the laundry basket. 
Yeah, sounds simple.. but I think a little help would do. 
Toys, I normally asked the kids to clean up before they go to bed. If not, I will have sore eyes if I can see their toys in the living room next morning. 

GadgetGeek has asked me since last month to look for the replacement. I still cannot find time to go to the agency. 

Dinner time. Well the good news is.. our kitchen is now being treated as the house accessory. We could just tapau, or head to my family's place :D
Then after dinner can balik tido.

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