Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Post #0216 - Someone has the nerve to call me up

Dear Earthlings, 

We are now entering month 8 being maidless. 
The one that we got December last year, was returned to the Agent early January  because (I think) she plans to go jalan-jalan while working in KL. Hmm.. my rule is simple, I don't bring maid along when I go for outing with my family. So she was with us for about a month. 

During that stint period, I'd say she was a fast learner (minus all the tense she gave me). However, what iritates me..  she always ask us to send her to her mom's place (the mother also working as a maid in Selangor) - like everyday which I don't think I can tolerate with. 

There was a twist where the Agent didn't tell the maid that she will not be paid for the first 5 months. So she was very upset when I told her the Agent's agreement with us. Fast forward, we send her back to the port together with her one month salary. (kira macam sedekah lah)

The Agent then promised to send us a replacement maid. 
Nonetheless, sampai hari ni batang hidung pon tak nampak. Wanted to report to the Indonesian Embassy about the agent, but GadgetGeek wouldn't let me do so. Afraid that the Agent might go to bomoh us.

End of Indo maid story.

Next one.

Well, two weeks ago.. I received a call from a blocked number saying.. "mau kerja" and the caller keep on saying "mau kerja".
Me.. (on medical leave that day) was a bit blur like.. takde salam ke apa terus cakap nak kerja. I thought it's a wrong number or maybe our weekly maid Agent gave us our number. something like that lah.
So I hang up.

The following night I received an international call. Started with +855. 
I told GadgetGeek, maybe it's the Indo Agent who call (which it's about time laa kan). But then GadgetGeek asked me to google the code instead.

It turned out,