Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post #0007 - Now I know why girls are drooling over Edward Cullen.

Dear Earthlings,

Last time I cursed the Twillight movie. I just don't get the vibe over this modern pale dracula who has plum color lipstick on his lips and drives volvo. But a week ago, I decided to give it another shot seeing that Twillight is the movie of the month on Astro. Hence, Twillight night it is. 

After giving my heart and eyes on the movie, it explains why the girls all over the world are drooling over Edward Cullen. I believe it's because of his character, not the look per se. A person who is very mysterious and loves the partner very much is always yummeh to me. 

So, on the following night I watched its sequel, the New Moon. I have to admit that it's not as good as the first movie. Except for the last scene where there was a wedding proposal which I didn't expect that coming! I was speechless and soon went to bed in confused thought. 

Tonite, I NEED to watch Eclipse. Otherwise, this feeling will be washed away. And I WANT to get my hands on the Twillight movies. It's collectable.

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