Friday, December 17, 2010

Post #0004 - Thought for Friday

Dear Earthlings,

Yeay. Finally it’s Friday. I don’t know what makes this Friday comes so slow.
We will be having our Family BAKTI Bowling Tournament this Sunday. Bet it’s gonna be fun!
Since Me and GadgetGeek are the Committee, we already registered ourselves. Same goes with BigSis, LilSis I, LilSis II and Che Abe.
LilSis II insists on having practise before the tournament as she determines to win. However, I forgot to ask my LilBro. Huh, what a thoughtful sister. No worries, I shall ask him later and if he wants to join, he can take my place :)   But I doubt that. He and his PSP can never be apart.

Now, to sort out my two Youngsters.

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