Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Post #0275 - Mid Ramadhan

Dear Earthlings,

How time flies! We are now approaching the mid of Ramadhan, which means we have approximately two more weeks before Raya! 

No excuse for me, as this year we are going back to Alor Setar for Raya. Didn't spend much on Raya clothing for me and GadgetGeek. We just rotate which ever that it is already in our closet, except for the kids. 

Bought 2 + 2 metres and asked my mom to jahit baju kurung for Youngster #1. Rezeki budak budak, my mom top up another 4 pasang baju kurung for her, making the total of 6 baju kurung. Bila masa nak pakai pon tak tau. My mom used to jahit our baju sekolah, baju raya.. shoulder bag.. curtain.. you name it.. crochet, cross stitch.. kacang goreng je. 
Now, jahit untuk cucu pulak. 

Same goes to Youngster #2. Asked my mom to jahit. 
But since this is her first time sewing a baju melayu johor, she asked me to take the measurement and cut on the paper so later she can potong kain.
So tawakal je lah apa nak jadi. Cantik or not, doesn't matter. 
Total pieces nak kena amik measurement - body, side, sleeves, pockets, neck line, and also for the pants. 

What else.. 
House chores.. Oh no! Don't let me start on the chores (again)! Can we just leave it alone please. 

Anyways, nothing much happening around us except that the BlueCompany have promoted me to another level. Alhamdulillah, though on a second thought, I feel like maintaining the current position. Simply because, with great power comes a great responsibility. Yeah. .. great lah sangat. 
Haip! Tak boleh komplen banyak sangat.. nanti tak bersyukur pulak. 
(Mostly because takot sangat kepala kena pancung)

Our new residence.. still maintain status quo. 
The house still not complete 100%, issues macam wireman balik kampung. Janji nak datang next week (that was 3 weeks ago) still next week tu tak sampai-sampai. Karang if hire orang lain, merajuk pulak. Melayu punya hal. 
So dah give up to countdown, except that GadgetGeek is targeting to go in before end of August.

Oh well.. 
We'll see.  

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Post #0274 - Still in maidless mode

Dear Earthlings, 

Since the maid has gone balik kampung, I had no choice but to immediately take charge, especially on the laundry because I do not want the history to repeat again - Ehem.. A mountain high laundry.

Not only that, our life has back to normal us where the laundry is done 3-4 times a week, ironing once a week (only iron my and kids clothes. While GadgetGeek's office attire - weekly ironing to laundrette, folding (depends) just because I'm too lazy to do it. But the hardest chores of all is to keep the folded clothes in the closet. Sigh. 

Last time we had the luxury of having change of bedsheet twice a week. Ironed bedsheet. 
With our current situation, weekly change I think it is more than enough. Non-ironed aka crumple bedsheet. 
Lantaks. Janji tukar. 

GadgetGeek chores, 
sort out trash and tutoring Youngster #1 with Qiraati & English reading. 

For the kids, 
About three days after the maid left, I then asked the kids to drink milk in cup. 
Again, I'm too lazy to clean up the bottle. At first, there was a series of disputes and questions as to why I have to drink in cup. I want the bottle. blah.. blah.. blah.. 

Well, do I care? 
The queen is still alive.
So the kids had no choice but to have their milk in cups. 

Next one would be the laundry. 
As you know we send the kids full day at school. So the dirty clothes from school, I asked Youngster #1 to take out from the bags into the laundry basket. 
Yeah, sounds simple.. but I think a little help would do. 
Toys, I normally asked the kids to clean up before they go to bed. If not, I will have sore eyes if I can see their toys in the living room next morning. 

GadgetGeek has asked me since last month to look for the replacement. I still cannot find time to go to the agency. 

Dinner time. Well the good news is.. our kitchen is now being treated as the house accessory. We could just tapau, or head to my family's place :D
Then after dinner can balik tido.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Post #0273 - Post.Maidless

Dear Earthlings,

Last time we were able to cope our life without maid. Mainly because we had never really have one. But this time, though we only had it for merely 6-7 months, it really hit us (a bit).

The tense is building up because the kids are no longer have their breakfast before going to school, the laundry is piling up (the washing and drying are the easiest one. Thanks to the press of a button), but the chaos starts when GadgetGeek is scheduled for business trip.   
His attire has to be ironed prior packing into the suitcase. And don't let me start on unpacking. 
No more luxury of having ironed-cleaned bedsheet twice a week. Janji tukar saja bedsheet.

Since all the chores we have to do ourselves, I now discovered - 

1) My vacuum cleaner has thousands of scratches. Thanks to my previous maid. 
2) Someone dropped my color palette make up. The casing sudah pecah a bit same goes with some of the colors. I know because the kids never play with my things on the dressing table, and I.. of course wouldn't drop my palette. Thanks to my previous maid. 
3) The laundry floor was supposed to be cleaned & mopped everyday. On the first day I stepped into the laundry area, I noticed it was dusty and looks like it has never been cleaned. Thanks to my previous maid. 
4) My favourite bangle has gone. Thanks to my previous maid. 
5) Mop and ironing board sudah patah. Thanks to my previous maid. 
and many more things that I realised my previous maid did not do her job throughly. 

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